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Australian SLPs: do you store progress notes in a cloud-based practice management system?

Reputable cloud-based practice management systems, like Cliniko and HealthKit, are becoming more sophisticated. Many Australian SLPs in private practice are using them to store client progress notes. I’m

Australian speech pathologists: your client is receiving an unsafe treatment from an unregistered health practitioner. What should you do?

Here’s the scenario: you find out a client is receiving an unconventional and risky treatment from an unregistered health practitioner and you’re worried that the

Building an SLP private practice compliance system

Important disclaimer: The information in this article is for general information purposes only and is not legal advice. It cannot be relied on by any

Attention: overworked and time-poor speech pathologists in private practice!

Do legal and compliance issues stress you out? Do you struggle to understand all your legal, compliance and ethical obligations, and to keep on top