Progress Notes Template

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A Progress Note Template.  Vital for:

  • good practice;
  • legal and ethical risk management;
  • based on the SOAP acronym;
  • planning your client’s next session.


Progress notes are by no means the most fun part of being a speech pathologist, but they are vital for good practice and legal and ethical risk management.

For privacy reasons, we are not fans of posting progress notes to cloud-based services.  But that doesn’t mean we need to hand-write them.

This simple template gives you the convenience of electronic notes, without the data protection and privacy risks.

To develop this template, we took the popular SOAP acronym used to structure medical progress notes (subjective, objective, assessment and plan) and tweaked it for private practice by including homework, generalisation and action items for the next session.  Our new acronym is “SOAHPA”.

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