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Australian Speech Pathologists: Ethical Employment Practices 101

I’m an optimist when it comes to the future of the speech pathology profession. But I’m also a realist. A. Supply > demand = exploitation? Although

Received a subpoena? 12 tips for speech pathologists

When working with kids, most of us try to provide family-centred healthcare. The upsides include better therapy and real world outcomes. But the downsides can

Dealing with negative online reviews: evidence-based strategies for speech pathologists

Online review sites are fairly new in speech pathology and healthcare generally. Australian examples include Whitecoat and the NDIS-inspired Care Navigator. Negative reviews hurt Negative

5 steps I took to comply with Speech Pathology Australia’s advertising rules

Unlike many of our fellow allied health professionals, speech pathologists aren’t registered health practitioners in Australia.  If we want to be respected in the same

Turning Pro – Part 3 – 9 final tips to launch and run a professional speech pathology practice

In a world that, increasingly, seems to reward wannabes, amateurs and charlatans, “Turning Pro” in any field of work is hard.  Staying Pro is even