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When is a casual employee really a permanent employee?

When is a casual employee really a permanent employee?

In Australian employment law matters, the real world substance of a work relationship often trumps what the contract says. For example, sometimes people called independent contractors

Australian speech pathologists: is it ethical to hire juniors as independent contractors?

For speech pathologists in private practice, hiring independent contractors seems cheaper and more flexible than hiring employees, e.g. if your practice has unpredictable workflows or

Speech pathologists: how to build ethical, profitable, high quality private practices that outlast us

Over the break, while couch-potato gazing at the cricket, I gave some thought to long-term, sustainable business models for private speech pathology practices. Specifically, mine!

Australian Speech Pathologists: Ethical Employment Practices 101

I’m an optimist when it comes to the future of the speech pathology profession. But I’m also a realist. A. Supply > demand = exploitation? Although